‘POP COLA’, A Leading Manufacturing Entity in Nigeria

The manufacturing sector undoubtedly retains the potency to completely transform the growth of the Nigerian economy. At the heart of the Nigerian manufacturing sector is the food market constituted largely by food and beverages production. The production of food and Beverages in Nigeria is currently managed by a number of foreign and indigenous companies, notable amongst them is Mamuda Group.

It is said that healthy globalization should never erode one’s sense of national identity, hence, it suffices to say that leading the race for national identity discovery in the production of food and beverages is Mamuda Group with its recent introduction of POP COLA carbonated drink.

Following the mandate of the Nigerian and Kano state governments to encourage diversification in the production of goods, Mamuda group has not only presented an opportunity in the production of POP COLA to compete with Beverage companies of foreign nomenclature, but they have also woven their eminence as a leading manufacturing entity both in Nigeria and abroad through the establishment of its food and beverages factories.

With a projected daily output of 6 million bottles in the coming years, Mamuda group ensures that the distribution of POP COLA, Pop water, Infinite Power and other carbonated drinks is achieved across Nigeria; the feasibility of this projection is premised on an extremely satisfying beverage product formula, appropriate beverage packaging, appropriate branding and a world class manufacturing site, little surprise that the prominence of the POP COLA has been registered in every state of the country.

The progression down the line of beverages and food manufacturing has indeed yielded positive results. This assertion is evident in the recognition the POP COLA has gained in the Nigerian market. Events have been held to grace the elegance of this transformational innovation to the food and beverages manufacturing industries. Notable amongst these events is the grand launching of the POP COLA which featured the Nigerian Super Eagle Captain and the brand Ambassador of the POP COLA drink, Ahmed Musa.

More importantly, the undisputed elegance of the POP COLA was recently again recognised in the momentous 42nd KANO INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR 2021. In this event, POP COLA effortlessly emerged THE BEST BEVERAGE COMPANY OF THE FAIR in an award presented by the Kano Chamber of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture.